Asian Cultural Society (ACS)

The Asian Cultural Society is formed to develop the connection between the many Asian cultures in a way the student body may be informed the different ethnicity and the cultivate practices of Asian culture. The goal of this club is to empower the students awareness of Asian customs and instill a rich history towards the general body about the unique heritage and cultivate the Far Eastern, South Eastern, Oriental and Pacific Islander traditions. In addition, we follow our core theme: Culture, Academic, Social, and Physical (CASP).

Black Students Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union allows students of all races to rejoice in African American culture, lifestyle, history, and activities. We turn no man down from our doors, no matter his race, culture, and/or heritage. This group will serve as an organization that fosters student development through diversity, academics, and social services. The Black Student Union is to construct a positive social outlet in representation of the African American culture and to develop educational skills inside and outside the institution.

Turkish Students Association (TSA)

Rutgers University Turkish Student Association (“TSA”) is a non-political volunteer student and community organization whose objectives are to promote cultural understanding of the Turkish culture, promote friendship and appreciation among different cultural groups, sponsor Turkish social and cultural activities and events, and to provide resources and support for the Turkish community at Rutgers University.

West Indian-Indian Connection (WIIC)

The mission of The West Indian-Indian Connection is to educate and promote West Indian and Indian culture among the students of West Indian and Indian descent, as well as the entire Rutgers community. We also want to preserve our rich culture and heritage through showcasing cultural celebrations. Lastly, we want to make West Indian and Indian students feel at home on this campus.

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